7 Tips to Blogging Success

7 Tips to Blogging Success
Your niche is a topic you love
The first step to creating a blog is figuring out what you are going to write about. If you don’t pick a niche you love or at least enjoy, it will be hard for you to do any of the other steps. Why? Because you have to be committed to your site and want it to succeed. Plus it is much easier to create content about something you like because you will have knowledge about it.
Your posts are well written
Visitors to your blog will be most likely looking for information. You want your posts to convey their message in as clear a way as possible. If you have silly spelling and grammatical mistakes it makes your blog look not only unprofessional but makes the article very hard to read. People are much more likely to come back again if they can understand what your post is trying to say.
You are posting regularly and frequently
Posting everyday is a very hard thing to do. Some blogs I read do achieve this. I, unfortunately, do not. But if you can post everyday that is great for getting readers who visit your blog everyday. It becomes a habit for them to visit your blog. However if you post 3 days in a row and then take a week off and then post 5 more days people will never know when you have new content. They will get tired of coming every day for a week and there being nothing. So they will stop coming and may forget about your site. So even if you cant post everyday. Try to post on a regular basis maybe every other day or once every 3 days. Your blog has something the other blogs in the same niche doesn’t
Think about the top bloggers: Shoemoney, John Chow and even Carl Ocab. What do they have that makes them great bloggers? Each of the A-List bloggers have something that sets them apart from the people in their niche. Shoemoney with his $180,000 AdSense check, John Chow with his $40,000 a month earnings and Carl Ocab with the fact that he is 15. Now each of them has had to work just as hard as you or me to be successful. However, they have a little punch that sets them apart from the crowd. Even if you don’t have something like that. Do something so your blog will stick out in peoples minds. Get a cool layout for your blog or do some quirky little thing in each post that may become your trademark. DO something to set you apart.
Your monetization is effective but not glaring
Now I assume you want to make money off blogging. In order to do that you need to monetize your site. One of the best things you can do is sell advertising space on your side bar. You can even just sell links. This takes up very little room and can make you a very good income. Carl Ocab sells a link space on his site for $55 each. He has 7 featured sites right now. That is $385 he is making off the very little bit of space. However, if you go with affiliate ads or AdSense you want to place the ads so that you make money off them. But also so that ads aren’t the only thing people see. You know how annoying it is when you visit a site and ads are popping up left and right everything you click on leads to more ads. Be clever about where you place your ads.
Your content is unique
There is nothing worse than a blog that only has copied content. Now I am not talking about guest posts or anything like that. But people who create an entire blog off copied and pasted work. You will have a very hard time getting a consistent volume of traffic and making any money if you don’t come up with unique content.
You work consistently at increasing the traffic to your blog
In order to be successful you have to have traffic. You could have the best content in the whole world but if no one sees it, you will make nothing. Everyday work at trading links with people and submitting articles to sites like EzineArticles.com and ArticleDashboard.com. Always work at getting more and more traffic. Don’t think that just because you have great posts people are going to flock to your site. Sure, if you have great posts people will take notice and you will get some natural traffic. However, you need to work at getting your stuff out there. Let others know about your site.

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